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Immersion Vibrators (Concrete Vibrators | Pneumatic Poker Vibrators)

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PneuVibe - For Improved Concrete Consistency

PneuVibe pneumatic concrete vibrators are designed for use in concrete construction to provide improved concrete consolidation. By vibrating fresh concrete it becomes more liquid thus filling any air pockets. With PneuVibe vibrators you will achieve superior concrete integrity with greater strength and less chance of cracking or crumbling.

PneuVibe - High Performance Vibration Equipment

PneuVibe have a pneumatic concrete vibrator for every application. From the hand held range through to external type for use shutter vibrators, tampers and surface finishes. The PneuVibe hand held range features a bearingless turbine assembly with twin hosing for air feed, exhaust and handling as well as a twist control to regulate speed. These features combine to give high frequency and high centrifugal force to ensure maximum efficiency. PneuVibe vibrators are affordable, simple to operate and cost effective to run.
Optional Handles

Optional Handles

VL series immersion type vibrators

VL Series 25-87 Immersion Type Vibrators

PneuVibe - Engineered to Last the Distance

PneuVibe vibrators are built to work. Every day, day after day. Constructed from high quality hardened ground steel, they are engineered to withstand the harshest treatments. All models are easy to maintain and are backed by comprehensive after sales service and spare parts.

PneuVibe - A Trusted Name in Construction Equipment

Over the past thirty years, PneuVibe have developed and excellent reputation for the manufacture of high quality construction equipment. Apart from its range of vibrators, PneuVibe also manufactures a range of compactor plates that attach to excavators and backhoes for use in narrow trenches and large backfill operations. Proudly manufactured in Australia. PneuVibe equipment is available in many other countries via our network of agents.



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